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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Mini Atc's

These are for a swap on Zuzu's forum,organised by Mandy.
Images ~ Collage Stuff
TFL :=)
EDIT: actually no they're not for the swap as i've completely messed up and not stuck to the theme plus i've mucked up the cutting and given an image wonky legs LOL!
I'll leave this up as an example of how NOT to do something *titters* lol


LazyKay said...

Lovely - I can't work on a wee canvas.

Zuzu's Blog said...

gosh you are on the ball ...

I will struggle with the size..
you have done beautifully with the errmmm "theme" :-) lol

but gorgeous work all the same mel x

Mandy C said...

great mini's you did make them in inches though not cm so you've done well! lol

Rein said...

These are great!