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Friday, 15 February 2008

Forum Challenge

This piece is for a forum challenge set by Ginger .....

'I challenge Mel to Make an altered item using entirly hand altered/made things.Even an image if you want to use one has to have been altered in some way - even if its just inked so the background will have to be made from scratch on a blank sheet of paper. any things on it buttons, beads, die shapes all have to have been altered in someway - even if its just by ink or bashing with things to give it a texture Any theme, colour etc just altered to death'

The background paper started out as standard white paper,i scrunched it up,inked it using milled lilac distress ink,briiliance gold and petunia pink chalk ink.stamped it,embossed it,tarted it up with liquid pearls and stickles glitter [deep breath] mounted it on a used beer matt.paper whimsey image,highlighted with dabbers and embossed.Fed a bit of scrap white card through my dymo for the phrase and chalked it,edged the whole piece with liquid pearls and added a button or 2 that have been painted,glittered and liquid pearled!! phew!


Ginger said...

Thats a Beer Mat...Wow its fab. Great Idea with the dymo never tried that. You certainly met the challenge Mel.

Mandy C said...

wow. great job with the challenge... what a great beer mat!

LazyKay said...

Beautiful piece of work - love the misty soft look and thanks for the Dymo idea!


Debbie said...

Perfect! You accepted the challenge well and made a brilliant piece.

altered geisha said...

What a lovely piece and all that hard work creating it from scratch. Well done.

Anonymous said...

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